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A Clown's Junket

 Manavyala - in my mind

 Nila Kaigrathu - A violin cover


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Coke Studio with singer KK

(Violin solo at 2:10)

On Later with Jools Holland, BBC with The Raghu Dixit Project





  • A Clown's junket

    The starting of a new journey in life always poses its challenges. We try to balance our first few steps in the best way possible, stumbling and bumbling like a clown. At a time when I was this clown came my first single 'A Clown's Junket'!

  • At the Theatres - New independent single

    One of the reasons I started my own solo outfit 'Karthick Iyer Live' was to bring out the music within me. Today I'm very excited to present to you our brand new single and first ever vocal based track - 'At the Theatres'. Apart from playing various film and carnatic adaptations, we are increasingly working on adding an independent dimension to our music.

  • Manavyalakim - A Contemporary version by Karthick Iyer Live(Carnatic music fusion, Indian

    I have played different styles of music from traditional carnatic to film-pop. However something that I've always leaned towards is to explore the idea of propping up our beautiful classical music against various genres like pop, rock, jazz etc. So here is a song from my outfit Karthick Iyer Live.

  • Nila Kaigirathu - A violin cover by Karthick Iyer

    I've always wanted to play a cover.. There's something about showcasing the composer's feeling with your own perspective and instrument.. I picked a song that naturally belongs to the violin..

  • Emergence's latest single so full

    Check out Emergence's latest Indo- Acoustic pop single, So Full   So full by emergencemusic

  • My Coke Studio Performances

    My Coke Studio performances with singer KK and the Raghu Dixit Project Tu Aashiqui with singer KK Hey Bhagwan with Raghu Dixit Project

  • L. Shankar, Frank Zappa's "Darlene" - They make it look so easy!

    I had just listened to this song and posted it on my facebook titled "3 minutes of sweet pleasantries". It's been a few months since I first listened to this song and sort of re-discovered it today when I was showing my friend some youtube music videos. For those of you who have clicked on the video, the highly impulsive notes of the guitar in tandem with the almost fluid-like beats on the drums must be bouncing chirpily off your ears. The lead hero of the track is just going to start his e...

  • How creativity works(or doesn't)

  • Welcome to KarthickIyer.com

    I have huge pleasure in welcoming you to www.karthickiyer.com. It’s been a while since we started work on the site and it’s nice to see it in full fruition!
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